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Sam neill thanked margaret fink and gillian armstrong who had helped with the party and were very useful in setting up the dinner. i was so amazed by the way the food tasted. i wish i had had enough time to taste more of it. some were really lovely flavours and i think these are all great. for the most part the food was great, but i did notice at times, the potato skins are a bit greasy and the veg was a bit odd. even before all these, i always knew there was going to be some kind of complaint with this, because it had been so good before. and also it really was pretty expensive as usual, considering most of the dishes were about $12-14. but then again, i didn't spend much money for a plate of soup, but i guess if you don't have money for that, i guess i would have spent more, right?
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Affordable homes pledged for mining towns? Will mining towns lose the ability to build affordable housing on their land? Are new town zoning standards needed? Will mining towns get the same land uses at lower costs? And, even more importantly, will new town zoning standards be needed?

All these questions are important because mining towns have been losing out in their effort to build affordable housing at lower cost. These are important questions because if these questions are answered, a lot more affordable housing becomes possible for people in mining towns.

This article first appeared in the September 2012 issue of the New Left Review, available here or in print (PDF).

Datum: 26.05.2020

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Datum: 19.05.2020

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Titulek: Графики заболеваний коронавируса

Онлайн мониторинг распространения коронавируса

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